Place Ville Marie

A unique historical and geographic landmark, it is the backbone of downtown Montreal and the focal point of the Underground City. This huge cross-shaped complex was built by New York promoter William  Zeckendorf between 1958 and 1962 and has reigned over the business district ever since.

A strategic location

Near major highways and public transportation, Place Ville Marie is a place abounding in shops, cafes and restaurants. Moreover, The building is connected to the Underground City and 30 kilometers of tunnels that run beneath the center of the city’s most European of North America.

An architectural gem in the service of mankind

Did you know? The architects behind the project wanted the tower built in the shape of a cross in order to ensure its stability, but also to achieve better light distribution in the building.

Urban beacon

The Royal Bank of Canada installed the revolving light that can be seen in the night sky up to 58 km away, attracting the attention of Montrealers everywhere.